Santa Camp: What I Did On My (Sweltering) Summer Vacation

Photo By Dina Litvosky

Hundreds of real-bearded Santas (it’s a thing) went to Branson, Mo. to practice their Kringle craft. I went along for National Geographic online with photographer Dina Litvosky.

Columbia Journalism Review: Supporting Rural Journalists

bridge-1343894_1280-1280x500The importance of local, often rural journalists, is becoming more broadly appreciated and some mainstream media organizations are reaching out to support them (us). (Photo Credit:

Here is my story from the Columbia Journalism Review.



Nieman Lab: Real Lives At Stake

NEPThe folks at the Nieman Lab asked me for my predictions for journalism in 2018. It is great you’ve discovered those of us not near the oceans or in the swamp. But health care is not just a theorhetical discussion. Lives are at stake.  Here it is…


Sound Business: Switching From Print To Radio

After years in print, I switched to radio in 2016. First order of business….a hair cut for headphones. Next, tuning into the world in a completely different way. (Damn, air conditioners!) The Nieman Reports asked me to explain what it’s like to make the transition. I can tell you, you never hear the world in the same way again and there are lots of times when words on a page can’t match a passionate voice and, in my opinion, a voice with a great accent.

(And, yes, even though I am from Lou-a-vul, aka “Fancy, Ky”, I have been known to say a light “fer’ instead of “for”. I’m working on it.)


Nieman Lab: Feeling Blue In A Red State

marymeehaneyeDonald Trump should have been a surprise to no one. The Media Elite near the oceans and The Swamp just couldn’t believe people would vote for him. They somehow didn’t see the tens of thousands of people filling stadium and ignored when people told them they could happen. In 2016 I tried to explain why that happened. The traditional mainstream media has a lot of blindspots and a lot of limited narratives about people outside of their bubble of an echo chamber.


(Photo by Monica Guzmon.)