Fighting Opioid Epidemic Takes A Leap Of Faith

Bible-1-e1483718107917Communities across Appalachia struggle with some of the highest risk of HIV in the country and the lingering stigma of addiction. But some leaders are challenging their own beliefs to help save their family and friends. That includes these folks in Clay City, Ky. who first prayed to keep a syringe exchange out of their community then prayed for the strenght to see it through. This story is from the Ohio Valley ReSource.




Rural Tobacco Wars Still Smoking

Supporters of increasing the cigarette tax launched a campaign in 2017.
By Mary Meehan

Kentucky and the Ohio Valley still have some of the highest rates of smoking in the country. Even getting smoking bans in place can be a challenge. It was just a few years ago, an elected official told me he couldn’t be sure that tobacco caused cancer. He was not re-elected. The smoking ban, however, remains illusive.



Why Abortion Clinics Are Closing Across The Ohio Valley

suppliesAbortion services are increasingly unavailable in the Ohio Valley. Currently a single clinic is still operating in West Virginia and Kentucky.

Memory Sunday: Alzheimer’s Outreach Goes To Church

Pastor Anthony Everett
By Mary Meehan

African-Americans across the country suffer higher rates of Alzheimer’s and are diagnosed later. To get the word out public health officials went to church. So did I.


Food Stamps Link Local Food, Local People

Shaun and Adrian Moss and child, Sabali.
By Mary Meehan

Just as government cuts threaten to curtail food stamps, the Double Dollars programs helps connect those receiving food stamps with healthy local produce.

The Pussy Hats Push Back

Protestors pushing back agaist restrictions on reprductive rights.
By Mary Meehan

As access to reproductive care intensifies, local advocates push back. The Frankfort Capitol was filled with pink T-shirts and knitted signs of protest. This is a recent story from the Ohio Valley ReSource.

Abortion clinics across the region, and across the country, are closing following a record wave of legislative restrictions in 2017. The non-profit Guttmacher Institute, which researches reproductive health access and laws, found that in the last year 19 states adopted 63 new restrictions to abortion, a sharp increase from the 28 similar measures enacted in 2016.