That Time Brooke Gladstone Wanted To Chat

I became the unofficial Red State Reprsentative after my time in the Nawth, in part I believe, because so few of you know any of us out here.

One organization that wanted to talk about Trump, healthcare and Appalachia was Brooke Gladstone’s On The Media where I got to explain my “Lazy Cousin Joe” theory about the pushback against Medicaid expansion.

Thank you to Brooke and her whole team at On The Media, who last I heard is coming to Lexington. Ky. in the fall and invited me to be on a panel.

I keep nominating people for the panel like Ashely York of the Hillbilly Movie so I may get benched. Still, an important discussion and, if they are willing, I’ll foot the bill at Red State BBQ which, no matter your politics, is delicious.

I’ll keep you posted.

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